Wollastonite Details

A White Mineral For A Green World.

Wollastonite details are what make this mineral SO unique and with so many uses! Although not considered an “exotic” or “unusual” sample among geologists and enthusiasts, Wollastonite has proven itself in all types of industries, and it can be found right here in Ontario. Thanks to it’s “ordinary” mineral compostition, it has become a favorite for so many applications. Known for it’s versatility, Wollastonite can be found in a number of your daily products! It’s likely that in the course of your day, you’ve used a product containing Wollastonite without even being aware!

Wollastonite uses mineral pink

A Brief History

Brought to the attention of the international community some time in the late 1700’s, Sir William Hyde Wollaston made it known the benefits of a mineral commonly known as “Table Spar”.

His intention was to shed light on this particular minerals unique composition. Fast forward  to the year 1822, when a colleague of Sir William suggested to rename “Table Spar” to honor his work, giving us Wollastonite as we know it today.

How It’s Formed

Formed under extreme heat and pressure, this  diverse mineral is recognized for its low volatility, and is used in everything from plastics to paint, from car brakes to matches. Most recently, the power of this mineral has been found to be extremely beneficial in landscape and agricultural applications.

Wollastonite can found is deposits all over the world, everywhere from the US, to Mexico, to Europe. Here, in Canada, our Ontario Wollastonite is sourced from the St. Lawrence Wollastonite Deposit (also known as the SLWD) by “Canadian Wollastonite”.


Technical Details

Wollastonite composition chart