The Wollastonite Mineral

A white mineral for a green world.

Wollastonite, a naturally occurring substance used in almost every product you use daily. Found in everything from matches, car brakes, paints and computers, its benefits know no limits. It’s the unsung hero in so much of what we use every day, and now there is Wollastonite for your landscape!

Said to be one of the worlds most versatile minerals, “Wollastonite increases the performance of many products including plastics, paints and coatings, construction materials, friction, ceramic and metallurgical applications to name a few” (

Tomatoes Grown In Wollastonite

Now Available For Your Lawn, Garden and Crops!

When used in agricultural applications, Wollastonite has been proven to increase yields and improve plant integrity in a number of popular harvests.

In corn, it’s known to strengthen stalks & reduce pest infestations.

In cereal grains, it increases the protein value and decreases diseases.

In soy beans and wheat, it dramatically reduces the chances of the occurrence of powdery mildew!

And it does so much more around the property from pest control to improving pond water quality. Overall, Wollastonite is an agricultural hero! Wollastonite is a multi purpose mineral that has enormous benefits for so many products, so why not add the benefits to your landscape!

What is the Wollastonite mineral?

Wollastonite is a white (though colours may vary) naturally occurring mineral comprised of Calcium, Silicon & Oxygen. Wollastonite is formed when Dolomite stone or Limestone is subjected to extremely hot temperatures and pressure either through naturally occurring or manufactured processes.

Highly valued for its low moisture content, high absorbency and low volatility, it makes an excellent addition to production processes for any number and variety of products.(

Where is it found?

Wollastonite can be found in deposits all over the world! A number of deposits are scattered through the United States, as well Internationally throughout Europe, China, and Mexico.

In Canada, Wollastonite is mined in Eastern Ontario by a company called Canadian Wollastonite and is the only mine of its kind in Canada. Canadas Wollastonite deposit, known as the St. Lawrence Wollastonite Deposit, contains approximately more than 30 metric tonnes of this highly useful and multi-purpose mineral.  There are various deposits found worldwide, which you can learn more about.

How does Wollastonite help me?

You could say the Wollastonite mineral has been helping you all along! Now available through Fairgreen Sod Farms, you can add the agricultural benefits from the Wollastonite mineral to your own lawn and garden. Because of its unique nature, Wollastonite has the capability to significantly enhance your landscape and your plants by adding nutrients and stability to your soil. Get the many benefits of the Wollastonite mineral in your own lawn and garden by contacting our retailers!

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Flower Grown In The Wollastonite Mineral