Wollastonite applications

A White Mineral For A Green World.

In Soil

Wollastonite applications are endless! Thanks to it’s mineral composition of calcium, magnesium and silicon, Wollastonite makes an excellent soil amendment.Each of these mineral components has unique benefits to soil composition and plant health. meaning, when used in agricultural or home property applications, you will have healthier, more productive plants!

The Silicon in Wollastonite plays an important role in a plants ability to resist environmental stresses including pests and diseases while simultaneously protecting the root integrity. The calcium plays an equally important role because, while it breaks down in the soil, it remains carbon neutral and helps to balance your soils PH level.

As Natural Pest Control

With it’s molecular structure being needle like in shape, Wollastonite can be used as an effective natural pest control for insects and critters. Thanks to it’s unique molecular structure, Wollastonite enhances the strength of the plant and improves the soil quality. Stronger, hardier plants are more tolerant to stresses making them more difficult for insects to attack and harm.

When used as a natural pest control, Wollastonite is a natural and safe way to deter common household nuisances like skunks and raccoons. Simply apply Wollastonite to your problem areas (such as garbage cans, gardens or compost bins) to stop the critters from making a mess on your property.  Wollastonite as a natural pest control will reduce property damage and clean up while also improving soil and plant health!

In the Environment

Wollastonite applications vary greatly because of it’s versatility and unique structure. In the environment, Wollastonite is capable of improving the overall integrity of a compromised ecosystem.

It’s silicate component promotes the absorption of phosphates into the soil and reduce the amount of water run off. By absorbing more water & phosphates, Wollastonite improves the growing conditions for a wider variety of plant species that may have otherwise been unable to flourish in an area, ultimately increasing biodiversity.

It has also been recognized for its  heavy metal absorption and carbon sequestration capabilities, which is essential in site remediation, waste water treatment and carbon capture efforts to lessen the damage of poor environmental practices.

Add Wollastonite to your Lawn & Garden to:

  • Balance PH levels

  • Increase calcium & magnesium levels in the soil

  • Improve the flavour of fruits & vegetables

  • Have healthier, more stress resistant plants

  • Improve the quality & quantity of blooms

  • Absorb phosphorous in the soil, decreasing runoff while maintaining plant availability

  • Improve plant growth & colour

  • Increase resistance to pests like raccoons, skunks

  • Increase resistance to drought & disease

  • Decrease grub populations

  • Boost plant cell strength 

  • Increase effectiveness of fertilizers